#janathon update, note to Archie @ArchH, and week highlight.

It is the 12th day of January and I am quietly pleased with myself for the following reason.Image

This pie graph represents 8.4 hours and approximately 64 kilometers of running, 6 hours and 13,900 meters of swimming, and 5.6 hours and 120.74 kilometers of cycling – all in 12 days. I am smugly pleased with myself.


To Archie – my swimmers are awesome in their fullness of youth and I would hardly think to think to emulate them. They are 8 weeks out from a major Championship, completing eight pool sessions and two dry land sessions a week whilst I have made a volume milestone of 3.2 Open water swimming today supplemented by pool work during the week. I am not a fast swimmer but there are two things I try to do each time in the pool a) reduce my stroke count for each length (50m pool); and do a speed subset – my favourite is 8 x 50 as 50 fast 50 easy followed by 8 x 25s, again fast and easy. Eventually I will put the two together – less strokes with sustained speed. Maybe :). With the kids I am working on developing their aerobic capacity further for another week. Today they did a competitive team pursuit – teams of three over 450 to 500m x 3, a lot of underwater streamline work, and 100m repeats on a descending cycle from 1.40 to 1.20

The week’s highlight was a visit to Crocodylus Park with my 15 month grandson where we were amazed and delighted, not with the crocodiles jumping for their dinners, but with the tigers who on being released into their public pens languished with obvious delight in their personal ponds seeking relief from the 33 degree (Celsius) heat of the early morning.



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I am a Senior School English and Media teacher and an ASCTA Silver Licence swim coach. I have two children and four grandchildren, all of whom are wonderful and my life purpose is to rage, rage, against the dying of vitality.
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  1. Nice pie chart. We went to a big pool today – 25 m. There aren’t many 50 m pools in the UK. Your sessions look very interesting. Thanks.

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