change and lightning

Change is unsettling and uncomfortable. Change is currently being experienced by athletes in my swim squad as others leave to go to university, have changed work conditions, or choose to swim elsewhere. What follows is a subtle shifting in what is normal and some have to move into leadership roles they do not wish to embrace. It is an experience in growing up.

Lightning is irksome when you can’t get the kids in the pool because a storm strikes and hangs around with constant flashes and rumbles in the sky. In the end you have to call your losses and cancel the session. Annoying but there is always tomorrow.

On  a personal exercise level I had a good day; a run in the morning before work and a swim and ride in the afternoon. In this cross training phase of my preparation I am excited because I have been able to reduce my 100m swim cycle time by 20 seconds over the last four weeks.

It’s been a full day and I am exhausted, but pleasantly so.


About labcswmn

I am a Senior School English and Media teacher and an ASCTA Silver Licence swim coach. I have two children and four grandchildren, all of whom are wonderful and my life purpose is to rage, rage, against the dying of vitality.
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