Squalls and cockatoos

An on-coming squall over Rapid Creek

This morning I was tricked by two hours of a persistent sun trying to overcome its cloud oppressors and took the dogs for a walk down to the beach.

Once there I was confronted by the sight of some fairly ominous storm clouds in front of me, and the plaintive croaking of three white, and one black red-tailed, cockatoos huddling in the branches of the tree behind me. I think they were trying to warn me – but too late! The wind raised its intensity from 10 to 100, horizontal droplets of rain pricked my skin and clothing, and then I was absolutely sodden and cold.

After that I was tempted to call my soggy rush home my janathon effort for the day but my conscience was too insistent (and the rain went away again) so I went on a long and enjoyable coastal ride.

My program called for 15 sprints in a high gear with full recovery but I could not remember if it was for 10 seconds or 30. I settled on 20 sec (it was 10) and did a number of my 20 sec impressions of a cyclist in the Tour Down Under currently taking place in Adelaide. Fortunately hardly anyone was around to think me a git and I enjoyed every minute apart from the frantic gasping in the last 5 secs or so of each effort. I have read these bike sprints really help your running. I can only hope.

About labcswmn

I am a Senior School English and Media teacher and an ASCTA Silver Licence swim coach. I have two children and four grandchildren, all of whom are wonderful and my life purpose is to rage, rage, against the dying of vitality.
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