#juneathon lucky Day 13? Ride it, Run it!

I am in the third, and last, week of a break from swim coaching. This has meant free Thursday afternoons and “good” ideas. Last week I came up the two hour challenge. I have still to do the two hour run and the two hour swim .. but I will. This week I looked up different trail maps around Darwin. There are three areas I can explore. My plan is to pick a trail area; explore it by mountain bike then back up with a run in the area. I began with the Lee Point area which I am reasonably familiar with.

The ride was pleasant, and the run began that way also.

Afternoon views: Lee Point and Buffalo Creek

Afternoon views: Lee Point and Buffalo Creek

However the date should have warned me (if I was of superstitious bent). I stumbled late in the run, just as the light was fading and just near this abandoned defence installation – an omen?

Abandoned defence installation: Lee Point

Abandoned defence installation: Lee Point

As a result of the fall I lost my glasses which I discovered 200m or so on in the trail. I went back to find them but the fading light defeated me. This lead me to finishing my run in the dark. I made my way cautiously in poor light to the spot I locked up my bike, BUT there the true challenge began for the older would be athlete; without glasses I could not see the numbers on my combination lock to unlock it. Several minutes of fumbling with my phone and fiddling with the lock proved futile so I put away my embarrassment and walked over to a family bbq-ing in the adjacent nature park and asked for a torch … and a pair of eyes.  Both were provided with a smile and I rode home to plan out another day.

About labcswmn

I am a Senior School English and Media teacher and an ASCTA Silver Licence swim coach. I have two children and four grandchildren, all of whom are wonderful and my life purpose is to rage, rage, against the dying of vitality.
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3 Responses to #juneathon lucky Day 13? Ride it, Run it!

  1. Ima Mosier says:

    I am so glad other people have the same issue with locks. I finished a swim today and then tried to get my bike unlocked from my bike rack. I finally gave up and started digging around in my car for a pair of reading glasses. No luck. Fortunately, a friend I was swimming with had a pair and I borrowed his to be able to see the numbers on my lock. You just have to laugh about it and keep going.

  2. I’d have asked for a burger too. Well done for restraining yourself.
    Did the borrowed pair of eyes just help with the lock… Or did they find your glasses too?

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